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The name “Waterford” is translated to water crossing.  Halifax Harbour is famous for trade and navy crossings.  The location also could have been a prefect fortress, as Halifax was originally riddled with fortresses around the edges of the peninsula the Citadel was the main fort protecting the port. Waterford Suites is located one block from Halifax Harbour’s edge at an elevation of approximately 45’ above sea level. The rooftop post has a perfect view of the mouth of the Harbour, the historic George’s Island and McNab’s Island.

The suite names are actually named after various islands that are in the Halifax Harbour.  We thought this would be appropriate as over 2/3s of the building has views of the Harbour.

The History of 1343 Hollis Street

1865 – 1900’s

Residential dwellings and wagon shops

1900’s – 1940’s

Allied Merchants Seamen’s Club

1904’s – 1960’s

Navy League Seamen’s Club

1967 – 1996

Nova Scotia Liquor Store

1996 – 2000

Vacant building

2000 – 2001

Construction of Waterford Suites

2001 – present

Waterford Suites

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